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HDPE & PVC Fusion. Water, Sewer and Industrial Pipelines

SMG Fusion Services


SMG Industrial is a company that specializes in the supply and fusion services of high density polyethylene and fusible PVC pipe. Our customers choose us because we are trained in all forms of heat fusion techniques and to work in all types of field conditions.

We provide experienced, reliable, professional and safe
field fusion services. Our skill and knowledge guarantees
we have seen just about everything and have the
expertise to complete your project on-time and on budget.

   We are we?

SMG Industrial is located in Calgary, Edmonton, and Fort McMurray, AB. We specialize in the construction and service of plastic piping systems. We service clients in the Oil & Gas, Municipal and private markets of Alberta,
Saskatchewan and British Columbia.

We offer our customers a full range of services
providing fusion machines, a technician, pipe &
fittings, and all the equipment that goes along with
completing a professional fusion job at your job site.
Our technicians arrive prepared and equipped to stay
on the job until it is done right. With a fleet of
polyethylene pipe fusion machines in stock and
relationships with fusion machine vendors, we can
fuse up to 65″ solid wall pipe and can provide buttfusion,
socket fusion, sidewall fusion or electro-fusion

We have a solid focus on maintaining unparalleled safety standards

Employees, Clients & The General Public.


SMG’s fusion team leaders have a minimum of 5 years of field experience and hold a level 2 McElroy fusion ticket.

Our professional fusion technicians have been fully trained and certified to operate all thermal fusion equipment (butt, socket, sidewall & electro-fusion), cutting equipment, mobile transfer equipment and are well versed in all aspects of handling polyethylene. We are always up to date on the latest safety procedures and are equipped to work in any condition and come prepared for the job.

Our management team is highly educated in the standards, regulations and codes for ASTM, NFPA, AWWA, PPI TR33, ANSI, CSA, ASME, and standard industry practices. They are resourceful and knowledgeable of other supporters in the fusion industry allowing for quick solutions to any concerns or issues that may arise within the scope of the project. This vast networking group allows for the best pricing to be obtained and therefore lowering the overhead cost.


Our QA/QC personnel also have their level 2 fusion ticket and have been trained by McElroy. We use top quality destructive testing equipment in our mobile Inspections trailer that can be brought to site. Qualifying, daily and intermittent destructive testing can be done on site in a timely manner vs transporting coupons off site and waiting for extended periods of time for results. This will allow for timely production with confidence. The destructive testing service is also offered as an offsite option as well. To top this off, all of our fusers are required to use the most current data loggers so that you will be able see the pressures of each fuse, therefore, eliminating any concern of a defective fuse.



When it comes to non-destructive testing we have our hydro testing process in place. Hydro testing generally takes place when a run of pipe has been fused and before it is pulled underground by a directional drill or installed in an open trench before backfilling. This allows for a leak inspection of the joints before they are no longer visible, giving you confidence that there are no leaks. Once all the tie-ins are done and the system has been completely installed, a final hydro test of the entire system is generally done.



– Turnkey High Density Polyethylene Pipe (HDPE) installation for almost any industry and application.

– Oil & Gas, Industrial, Landfills, Mining, Irrigation, Water Transfer and Sewer.

– Install HDPE Pipelines ranging from 2 to 65 inches, as well as custom HDPE tanks and manholes.




– Commercial irrigation design and installation for athletic fields, corporate buildings, parks, apartment complexes, golf courses, and more.

– Renovating or adding to existing commercial irrigation systems.

– Service your system with our maintenance plans, including winterization and spring-start-ups services.




– Fuse PVC C900 and C905.

– All fusions are accomplished with a data-logger which records time and pressure for the duration of the fusion process.

– Initial heat plate temperature is also measured and all recorded data is then sent into IPEX for quality and control measures.

– Horizontal directional drilling
– Sliplining & Pipe bursting


Oil & Gas

Any Weather




All Fusion Types



Water & Sewer

Data Logging